5 Things To Do With An Old Smartphone

Most of us will have old mobile phones that we’re keen to dispose. 

Old Smartphone

5 Things To Do With An Old Smartphone

Why not breathe new life into it with these 5 tips for better use?

Sell Your Old Smartphone

One of the best ways to dispose of old gadgets, including smart phones is to sell them to other people for cash. 

If your old tech is still working, and if you still have the charging wires, boxes and manual for it, you can put it up for sale on popular online buy and sell websites such as eBay, Facebook or Amazon. Share a non-blurry photo of the phone in action and write a good description of its condition, features, etc. 

On the other hand, sites such as Plunc can give you instant cash as soon as they receive your newer gadget. Fill up an online form and get a fair appraisal in the process. 

Keep As A Reliable Backup

Your old cellphone can act as second fiddle for the most important things, such as calling, texting or sending emails. As long as it’s charged up and can still function, you can keep it active as a sort of backup. 

Activate the phone’s network and slot a sim, then put it on standby. It won’t consume as much electricity as your main phone- just remember to charge it once a week or every two weeks. 

Have a neighbor or friend who will surely appreciate your old things? Clean it up and gather the cables and accessories before giving it as a hand-me-down. Make sure it’s still working so they can enjoy it. 

Turn Your Old Phone Into A New Gadget

Smartphones have essentially replaced the mp3 player, alarm clock, calendar, camera and others. If you won’t be using them for calls, why not try these projects below? 

eBook Reader. Install an eBook reader app, load some eBooks and you’ll have a dedicated device just for reading books. For those who listen to audiobooks, podcasts or TED talks, they can connect a wireless or wired speaker or headphone and listen in throughout the day. 

Music Player. Don’t buy a new dedicated sound system or an iPod because your old phone can still work as a digital DJ in a pinch. Load up songs on the internal storage or download a streaming app, then put it on a charging dock stand. Connect to Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a personal audio experience. 

Remote Control. TV manufacturers often offer TV remote apps on their latest model Smart TVs and digital products on the App and Play Store. You can create a device that can serve as a backup remote for your Apple TV, Amazon FireTV or Roku. Connect to wireless, then tap the buttons to change channels, turn up the volume and more. 

VoIP Device. Your mobile phone’s camera can be used as a VoIP device for video calling friends, family or clients. Tether it to a power source and keep it near stable Wi-Fi for the best results. 

Donate It

Got too much tech and want to give to a good cause? Donating your stuff to charity ensures they will get a new lease in life. 

Contact your local school, library, recreational center or hospital or do an online search. Proceed to the institution and hand over your working items. Don’t forget to include the corresponding chargers, cables and adapters and accessories, if any. 

Recycle It

Last but certainly not the least option, you can have your unwanted electronics recycled and reused to create something new. 

In any case, being a responsible consumer means you dispose of your items properly, and that includes electronic gadgets. Don’t just throw them in the bin because then they’ll end up in landfills and contribute to polluting the environment. Heavy metals and toxins may leach into the soil and into the drinking water supply. You’ll also be wasting precious components that could be harvested and used to create future devices. 

Contact your local recycling center for a pickup on larger tech, e.g., CRT monitors, TVs and printers. For mobile phones, you can bring it there yourself or to any manufacturing company that has a recycling buyback programme. You can earn credits, gift cards or cashback for doing your part and get discounts on new electronic goods. 

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