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Helping you to Save the Planet and Reduce your use of Plastic !

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

1- NEW! If you are just passing....


 - If you are passing and just need a couple of items then please ring the bell on the door between 1PM-5PM  7 days a week and we will grab you what you need (we will have the door open if the weather allows!) - if you need to do a large shop then please order online or book a drop off containers slot as it will help us serve more customers.


 - Delivery - We will deliver on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 4-6pm. So if you order after 6pm on Friday your order will be delivered Tuesday, 6pm Monday for Thursday and 6pm Thursday for Saturday.

- Collections  - if you order before 6pm any day you can collect from the side window on Fairfield Road between  1-5pm the next day (there are options for you to tell us if you want a specific day to collect  when you place  order) Please make sure you come on the day you requested or next day as it will help us keep organised with all the orders. 

Good Sixty  - we have a limited range available through Good Sixty for delivery  - Please see their site for full details 


- You can book in a time to drop your containers off to us 10AM-12PM weekdays and 12PM-1PM on weekends and you can collect later that day (you will agree a time when you drop your containers off). Book your SLOT here

- You need to provide us with a full list of what you need 

- We need you to label up the containers with what you would like in them and ideally, we will fill your jars rather than a specific amount. 

 - Your containers need to be clean and dry 

 - As with deliveries and collections there is a £1.95 packing fee

 - Please let us know if you would like a receipt  

- Please use the online shop to check our stock levels - We will also have a list of out of stocks when you drop off so can check with you for any alternatives. We can also put in any retail items or things you do not have containers for that we have prepacked. You will pay by contactless (ideally) when you collect from the side window on Fairfield Road.

Why have we been closed? - We haven been following Government guidance and common sense when making decisions and we think it's not safe for you, our lovely customers and our staff to be open at this time. With so many touch points in the shop it is hard for us to safely operate in the way we used to. We have been thinking about ways around this on a regular basis and we have some new ideas on how to let more of you shop with us! 

What are we doing?  - You can shop with us through our online shop (for delivery and collection ) LINKS ABOVE, you can order from a limited range through Good Sixty , You can drop your containers off, we will be setting up drop off slots  (cleaned and labelled) and we will fill them for you, if you are passing and just need a couple of bits then the door will be open, just ask at the door and we will grab them for you.

We are operating on a reduced choice to enable us to continue trading and paying our teams.

Where – shop online or come to the front door

When - NOW Open every day 1PM-5PM as a kiosk service 

Above there is a lot of information above so if you have any questions then please email us at, call on 01179532072 or contact us through Facebook or Instagram.


Thank you all for your support so far in these strange times! Stay safe 

How it would ´normally´ work ;)

Bring your own containers, jars or cloth bags to the shop; weigh them; fill them with as little, or as much of our loose products as you like; weigh them again and pay at the till. Every time you do this you will have played a part in reducing single use plastic consumption. 

We also sell a variety of non-food items such as plastic free deodorants, water bottles, coffee cups, bamboo cutlery sets, stainless steel straws... (full list in our on line shop)

Check out the following video to know a bit more about us, what we do and why we do it our practical session on the following video:

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Are you still unsure about how to use our scale? Check out the next video to see it a bit in depth explanation. Note that we actively encourage our customers to go labeless so if you prefer, we can always manually write the weigh of you containers at the counter and tare it afterwards, you choose what option you prefer. 




(though side window - Fairfield Road)



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