Oct 21

Cold and flu season is upon us, and there’s been a lot of talk in the shop of how much sickness there is going round. The change in weather means it’s extra important to pay attention to how we’re feeling and make time for some selfcare in our everyday lives.

This cold-busting spice blend can be used to help relieve the symptoms of a common cold, and also works well as a quick pick-me-up if you’re feeling run down.

It is on the fiery side, so use less if you prefer a milder heat!

How to make the spice blend

Mixing the spices in bulk means that it’s on hand when your energy is running low. To make the mix, add:

Four parts ground turmeric

Two parts cayenne pepper

One part ground black pepper

To a jar, then give the jar a good shake.

What to do with it next

When the sniffles strike, or you just need a bit of pepping up to face the dreary whether, add between half and one teaspoon (depending how hot you like it!) to a mug, along with:

Juice of half a lemon

One tablespoon of sweetener, such as agave or maple syrup

One teaspoon raw, organic cider vinegar (optional)

200-250ml hot water

Another option that works well is adding half a teaspoon to a glass of warmed orange juice.

Please note, this recipe is inspired by conversations with our customers and ayurvedic medicine, and is not intended to be taken as a substitute to any medication recommended by your doctor. We are not healthcare professionals, just fans of spices 😊

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